Why Sell Your Home to an Investor?

Why Sell Your Home to an Investor?Selling your property quickly can be tough. If you have the luxury of time — and have a desirable property — it might be a good idea to hold onto your property for a while and see if a buyer materializes. However, not everyone has the luxury of time or a picture-perfect property. Here’s how to tell whether you should consider selling to a real estate investor who can close Continue reading

Why Some Norcross Georgia Real Estate Sells Quickly While Others Don’t

Why Some Norcross Georgia Real Estate Sells Quickly While Others Don'tYou’ve seen it first hand, but you may not what causes it. Why do some Norcross Georgia real estate properties sell quickly while others remain on the market for months as their price steadily declines? Many people initially point fingers at the housing market or the qualities of the home itself. However, top Atlanta area real estate professionals can consistently sell high volumes Continue reading

Few Thoughts About Landlords & Tenants

Few Thoughts About Landlords & TenantsDuring your lifetime, most of us have either rented a home or rented a property out to a tenant. For those that have left home as a young adult and moved straight into their own home, therefore never letting are in the minority. There are some that buy homes just to rent, or buy homes as holiday homes and rent them out in the winter. Not everything in life is great and it is not unexpected for occasional Continue reading

Real Estate – Income Properties Maximize Rental Rates

Real Estate - Income Properties Maximize Rental RatesMany owners of small income properties devote far too little effort to figuring out the rental rates that they should charge for their units. They under-price. They overprice. They don’t make enhancing improvements. They fail to adequately segment their tenants. They spend too much money on ineffective advertising and too little on target marketing. If they experience high vacancies, they Continue reading

Choosing a Favorable Location For Your Business

Choosing a Favorable Location For Your BusinessSetting up a business in today’s competitive market is not an easy task. One of the major points to be considered while establishing a business is the location to be selected for establishing and growing the business. Though there are some topics which you should consider when you’re looking any space for your business, make sure that you ask yourself the following four basic questions:

1. Does Continue reading

Curb Appeal

Curb AppealIn today’s real estate market, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to the curb appeal of your home. Your home today has more competition on the market than ever, with less qualified buyers due to the mortgage crises, so if you want to sell your home to those looking to buy, everything counts, including curb appeal. Here’s how to improve the exterior of your home outside.

Examine Continue reading

How Can I Prevent Scaring Off A Prospective Home Buyer?

How Can I Prevent Scaring Off A Prospective Home Buyer?The summer time is the best time for selling a house and as falls comes around it is even more important to continue to attract buyers to your house. The following tips will help you avoid scaring off buyers as fall and winter rolls around.

Price your home correctly.

If you want to scare off buyers the fastest way is to overprice your house. Why would someone want to pick your house if they have one that Continue reading

What’s New in the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act?

What's New in the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act?The new legislation applies to most types of residential rental properties in the province and outlines exactly how landlord-tenant relations will be governed. This includes protecting residential tenants from unlawful rent increases and evictions, establishing a framework for the regulation of residential rents and balancing the rights and responsibilities of residential landlords and tenants in order to better Continue reading