Using a Sample Rental Agreement to Understand How to Write Your Own

Using a Sample Rental Agreement to Understand How to Write Your OwnWriting a professional and careful rental agreement is one of the most important things that you can do when getting ready to rent your property to tenants. This rental agreement is your protection should anything go wrong and you need to seek any type of recourse. By having a lease agreement that is is carefully crafted to contain all of the elements that you want it to as well Continue reading

Seller Financing Contract

Seller Financing ContractThe key to a good seller financing contract is the terms, and the clauses that you use. If you do not use these correctly it can be as useless as not having them at all. I personally use my own contract writer, it is a wizard format, you simply check yes or no to the questions it asks you.

Once it determines for it self what kind of a deal you are working on. It creates a contract to fit. This Continue reading

Renting Property – 4 Things You Need to Do First

Renting Property - 4 Things You Need to Do FirstRenting can offer flexibility and the opportunity to try out an area without the hassle of buying a property that needs to be sold in the near future. However if you’re thinking of renting, make sure you take the following steps before entering into a lease.

1. View the property on more than one occasion

Before handing over your deposit, it is always important to consider whether or not the property Continue reading

Reviewing the Proposed Lease – Twice!

Reviewing the Proposed Lease - Twice!Q: We have found the right office space and will be receiving a proposed lease from the landlord. Obviously, we will have attorney review the lease. Is there anything else we should do to negotiate the lease?

A: If you are a tenant, any proposed lease needs to be reviewed twice – once by legal counsel and a second time by an expert in business terms and market conditions, Continue reading

The Most Effective Way to Sell Your House Fast

The Most Effective Way to Sell Your House FastInvesting on your dream house can be the best way to safe keep your money and not just waste on something else. But in the modern world where the condition of the economy has becoming worse than ever, real estate industry has been deeply affected. Thus, to be able to safe keep your property investment, there are elements that you should consider to make it work and be successful in your endeavor. Continue reading

How to Sell Your House When There is No Hope in Sight

How to Sell Your House When There is No Hope in SightThe dreaded buyers market. We can see these folks wringing their hands and salivating over the prospect of stealing your home from you for a song. Makes you just want to pull your hair out of your head. Well, I understand how you feel. Unfortunately, that’s the reality that we now face until this economic crisis is behind us. Fortunately, there is something we can do about it to increase the chances of selling Continue reading

Dog Friendly Chicago Apartments

Dog Friendly Chicago ApartmentsEntry into Chicago apartment building is frequently, but may not always be through a common lobby. Bigger apartment buildings may have doormen, and an electronic security system. In these apartments, renters are buzzed in by means of an intercom system. Mailboxes may be located inside the lobby, or even outside the building. Many apartments also have a fitted carpet and may have elevators. Continue reading

Becoming A Landlord – Some Common Mistakes For Beginners

Becoming A Landlord - Some Common Mistakes For BeginnersMany people invest in rental property with the expectation of having an income every month. However, being a landlord is about more than just collecting money every month. Many new landlords make some common mistakes that may end up costing them money on their real estate investment. By knowing what these mistakes are ahead of time can help you avoid making them.

The first Continue reading